Hey! We just had a webinar on how to craft the perfect college application!

With speakers from UPenn, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and more, we hosted a webinar to teach you how to form the perfect college application

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Struggling to find your ideal school? Created by high schoolers, UConnect is here to help you with your journey. With our database and our forum, we invite you to explore success with us.

By providing free information that everyone deserves, we aim to give all students a level playing field.

Built with extensive research, UConnect strives to provide consistent and accurate info to our users.

Join our community of fellow students and alumni to get the info you need and can’t find anywhere else.

Community, a big part of the college experience

Community, a big part of the college experience

We know how helpful the right people are in your search for college. With our forum, you’re sure to get responses from people who are truly experienced, and give you the info you can’t find anywhere else.

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Need a place where you can bookmark schools and keep track of where you want to apply next year? Or perhaps you need a tool to help search for the “next chapter in your book”? Check out our explore schools page and find that next chapter today!

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At UConnect, we value community, reliability, and our users. As we progress, we look forward to delivering new features that will cultivate the community factor and promote meaningful interactions between our users. UConnect wants to continue to personalize the data for each user and create a beneficial resource for all. Follow our social channels linked below to stay tuned for future updates!