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    Aryan Saha

    Hey guys,

    Here’s where to post your thoughts on your college’s community

    stuff about the people, clubs, how classes work, teachers, people, campus dogs, etc. can go here


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    Lydia Yu

    I guess I’ll start the discussion off with some of my experiences at MIT! I remember when deciding on which college to attend over two years ago, MIT really made an impression on me because of the strong sense of community that I felt when I visited for Campus Preview Weekend. Everyone at MIT is so passionate about such a broad range of different topics, and no one judges anyone for it! The community is incredibly supportive; there is absolutely no culture of competing against each other. Everyone wants everyone else around them to succeed, and everyone helps each other out as much as possible to reach that success. Every class here really stresses collaboration, and even when we have to submit our own individual homework, working with others is encouraged and makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable (I’m also a big believer in using your time in college to learn how to work well with others. Focusing on academics is important, but developing interpersonal skills is even more crucial for life during and after college!). Also, MIT really encourages students to explore subjects outside of their own majors — this means that anyone is welcome to take any class, including graduate level classes, regardless of major or year. There’s so much more to say about the wonderful community at my school but I’ll keep it at this for now so y’all don’t have to read a whole essay 😉

    Also, yes, we do also have very amazing campus dogs! Every week, a group called Puppy Lab brings in several dogs to one of our common spaces for students to cuddle and pet. Students can destress and the dogs can enjoy getting a ton of love 🙂

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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