Brown University

Mission Statement

To serve the community, the nation and the world by discovering, communicating and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry, and by educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.

Core Values

Undergraduate Colleges


Type Price
Undergraduate Tuition(approx.) $55,466
Other Expenses Room: $9,420 Board: $5,912 Books: $1,632 Personal: $2,122
Total Cost(approx.) $77,490


Strong/Popular Majors Open courses (allows students who with to develop their own programs with assistance from willing professors, deans and others) that are great for undergrades
Location Providence, RI
Student Population 10,095
Student to Faculty Ratio 7 to 1
Acceptance Rate 8%
Graduation Rate 96.00%
Average GPA Requirements(4.0 scale) 3.94
Average SAT Requirements(new 1600 sat) 1488
Need Blind vs. Need Aware Need-blind: US Need-aware: International
Ed vs. EA (Note: ED is binding and EA is non-binding) Early decision (AR: 22%)


Male(varsity sports) Female(varsity sports)
Cross-country Football Soccer Water Polo Basketball Fencing Gymnastics Ice Hockey Swimming and Diving Squash Track and Field Crew (Rowing) Wrestling Baseball Golf Lacrosse Tennis Cross-country Field hockey Soccer Volleyball Water Polo Basketball Bowling Fencing Gymnastics Ice Hockey Skiing Swimming and Diving Squash Track and Field Crew (Rowing) Softball Golf Lacrosse Tennis Equestrian (Horseback Riding) Rugby


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