Carleton College

Mission Statement

The mission of Carleton College is to provide an exceptional undergraduate liberal arts education. In pursuit of this mission, the College is devoted to academic excellence, distinguished by the creative interplay of teaching, learning, and scholarship, and dedicated to our diverse residential community and extensive international engagements. The Colleges aspiration is to prepare students to lead lives of learning that are broadly rewarding, professionally satisfying, and of service to humanity. By discovering and sharing exemplary models of undergraduate education, the College seeks to be a leader among those colleges, universities, and professional organizations that share our dedication to this vision. Carleton strives to be a collaborative community that encourages curiosity and intellectual adventure of the highest quality. Faculty, staff, and students respect one another for the serious work and the playful humor we share, and we support each other in pursuing a healthy balance of mind, and spirit. Quiet reflection and lively engagement are valued as sources of self-understanding and renewal. Carleton honors thoughtful conversations about difficult questions as necessary for individual growth and community strength. The College works to embody the values of freedom of inquiry and expression and is vigilant in protecting these values within a culture of academic integrity, civil deliberation, and ethical action. Carleton aims to be welcoming and hospitable to its neighbors, guests, and the public, and a responsible steward of its resources. Carletons academic goals focus on developing the critical and creative talents of our students through broad and rigorous studies in the liberal arts disciplines. Mentored by dedicated faculty and staff, students become active members of a learning and living community that promotes the exploration of passionate interests and emerging avocations. Students learn higher order thinking skills: disciplinary inquiry, analysis of evidence, arts of coation and argumentation, and problem-solving strategies. In their chosen fields of study, students strengthen their capabilities for disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and artistic production. Students acquire the knowledge necessary for the continuing study of the worlds peoples, arts, environments, literatures, sciences, and institutions. Carleton develops qualities of mind and character that prepare its graduates to become citizens and leaders, capable of finding inventive solutions to local, national, and global chall

Core Values

Undergraduate Colleges


Type Price
Undergraduate Tuition(approx.) $58,968
Other Expenses Student Activity Fee: $384 Room: $7,995 Board: $7,152 *The above costs do not include expenses related to books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation costs. These costs will vary according to the courses taken, distance traveled and lifestyle choices.
Total Cost(approx.) $74,499


Strong/Popular Majors Social Sciences; Physical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Mathematics and Statistics
Location Northfield, MN
Student Population 2,097
Student to Faculty Ratio 9 to 1
Acceptance Rate 21%
Graduation Rate 94.50%
Average GPA Requirements(4.0 scale) 4.06
Average SAT Requirements(new 1600 sat) 1460
Need Blind vs. Need Aware Need Aware
Ed vs. EA (Note: ED is binding and EA is non-binding) Early Decision


Male(varsity sports) Female(varsity sports)
Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field Volleyball


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